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Father Leo Petrović

 Type: Commemorative
 Motif: Father Leo Petrović
 Author: Father Mirko Ćosić, Marin Musa
 Size: 48.28 x 29.82 mm
 Printed by: Zrinski d.d. Čakovec
 Paper: White, 102 g, adhesive
 Value: 1.00 BAM
 Date of issue: 2008-11-15.
 Sheet: 9 stamps
 Maximum Card
 First Day Cover
 Special Postmark

Father Leo Petrović, the first father with a PhD from Herzegovina, was formally promoted into becoming a doctor of theology in Fribourg on November 15th 1908. His dissertation was: Disquisitio historica in originem usus slavicae idiomatis in liturgia apud Slavos praecipue Chroatos, Mostar 1908. His book was printed after his death "Kr'stiani cr'kve bos'nske" – The Christians of the Church of Bosnia, Sarajevo 1953. He wrote many historical studies and articles in the Christian family, calendars and in the paper "Napredak", "Serafski perivoji" and others. He explored the history of Herzeg-Bosnia, old tombstones, priests of the Glagolitic scripts… He ministered and explored the history of the community of the Herzegovinan Franciscan Province - Blessed Virgin Mary in which he, as in the Mostar – Duvno bishop’s diocese, held honourable and high duties.
Father Leo Petrović was born on February 28th 1883, his father named Marijan and mother Anđa, maiden name Jurčić, christened on March 6th 1883 in Klobuk. He went to elementary school in Veljaci (1892.-1895.), high school in Široki Brijeg (1896.-1900.), seminary in Mostar (1901.-1904.) and in Fribourg, Switzerland (1904.-1907.) He entered the Franciscan order in Humac on October 4th 1900. Simply vowed on October 4th 1901., and formally on October 19th 1904.  He was ordained for a priest in Fribourg on July 30th 1905. He was a professor of theology in Mostar (1907.-1917.), a vicar in Klobuk (1917.-1919.), a Franciscan abbot and vicar in Mostar (1919.-1925.), a seminary professor in Mostar (1925.-1926.), a notary of the bishop’s ordinaries in Mostar (1926.-1934.), a general vicar  of the Mostar - Duvno and Trebinje - Mrkanj bishopric (1934.- 1942.), a bishopric’s consultant (1937.-1943.), and on July 3rd 1943 was chosen for the Provincial of Herzegovinan Franciscans. The Partisans arrested him and six of his Franciscan brothers on February 14th 1945. in the monastery of Saint Peter and Paul in Mostar, took them away, tortured and killed them and threw their bodies in the Neretva river.
Fra Ante Marić

Croatian post Ltd. Mostar has issued a commemorative postage stamp and a first day cover. The Portrait of friar Leo Petrović is the work of fra Mirko Ćosić (1903.–1967.), the first academic artist in West Herzegovina, the stamp was designed by Marin Musa.