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COMPANY TITLE: Croatian post Ltd. Mostar
ADDRESS: Croatian post Ltd. Mostar
Tvtka Milosa bb
88000 Mostar
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Telephone: 00387 36 445 000
Fax: 00387 36 445 002
Subject's registration
number atthe County Court in Mostar:
Accounts: 3381002202006334 UniCredit Zagrebačka Bank
1610200016940081 Raiffeisen bank Inc. Sarajevo
Currency accounts: ZABABA 22 7100-978-48-06-16993-1
Unicredit Zagrebačka Bank

RZBABA 2S 501012000-978-2026391
Raiffeissen bank Inc. Sarajevo
Tax number: 4227270280004

The Croatian Post Ltd. Mostar has been working as an independent company following the separation of the former establishment of the Croatian Post and Telecommunications - HPT into two separate companies, the Croatian Post Ltd. Mostar and Croatian Telecommunications Ltd. Mostar since January 1st 2003.
The Croatian Post Ltd. Mostar employs 745 employees, and has a distributive network of 108 postal offices...
We are well aware of the Post's long tradition and the trust that a large number of customers have in postal services.
In our everyday communication with thousands of service consumers we strive to justify that trust and enhance quality and efficiency and keep up with technological accomplishments.
With the segregation of postal activities to an independent company, gives us a chance to improve the quality of existing postal services but also introduce new services, which enables us to be closer to the modern vision of a postal operator.
Besides traditional services of transporting postal parcels, we offer a whole wide range of services to our customers such as money transfers, money exchange, accepting and transmitting money by postal and telegram orders, Western Union, settling telephone, cell phone, electric bills, water and communal services.
Going hand in hand with the needs of the market, we offer our business clients services of listing and enveloping bills, bank statements and business memos on high-tech machines and devices.
We also offer our business customers various forms of direct marketing through non-addressed mail, indoor advertising in postal offices and direct mail.
We are also developing sales in postal offices through lottery tickets, prepaid cards, and telephone cards for public telephone booths with a tendency of developing post shops in postal offices.

The Croatian post - one of the three postal public
operators in BiH
The Croatian post Mostar is one of the three postal operators in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
The Croatian post Mostar began its functioning in 1993 as part of the Croatian post and telecommunications HPT company.
Since January 1st 2003 the Croatian post has become an independent postal administration.
The Law of posts of the Federation Bosnia and Herzegovina regulates the functioning of the Croatian post Mostar as a postal administration in Bosnia and Herzegovina.