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Uvjeti korištenja


Various telegrams - ordinary and luxury telegrams can be sent from any of Croatian Post Mostar's post offices or submitted by calling the telephone number 1202 from land-lines of HT Mostar network.

Luxury telegrams (LX telegrams) are available for customers throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina. The luxury telegram on a special form is appropriate for commemorating joyful events as well as expressing condolences.

It is possible to send a telegram online with our web service . It does not matter in what part of the world you are sending from; the cost is the same from any place, as if you were sending from one of our post offices.

To send a web telegram to Bosnia and Herzegovina or to any other country,  just a couple of clicks on our ePostShop site is enough.

For more information, please call the toll-free number 080 088 088.

Telegrams for the birth of a child


    LX-100 LX-101 LX-102

Telegrams for weddings

    LX-103 LX-104  

Telegrams for various occasions

    LX-105 LX-106 LX-107

Telegrams for holidays

    LX-109 LX-110 LX-111

Telegrams for condolences

    LX-112 LX-113 LX-114