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Uvjeti korištenja


A package is a closed mail item with indicated value that contains goods, money, written notices, and other matters.

The content's value must be declared in BAM, numbers, and for packages in international traffic, the value must be declared in BAM and DTS. The declared value of the package in domestic traffic must correspond to the actual value or content's importance to the sender, and in international traffic the declared value must not exceed the actual value of the package's content, but it is permitted to indicate only part of that value.

An indicated package value in domestic traffic may amount up to 50.000,00 BAM, therewith the package that has an indicated value up to 100,00 BAM is a regular package, and above this value the packagel is considered a valuable package. In international traffic, a package may be without a declared value.

A package in domestic traffic may weigh up to 20 kg, and for packages in international traffic the permitted package weight is regulated by every country individually.

The package dimensions in international postal traffic is regulated for every country individually (conditions for parcel reception in international traffic).

A package in domestic postal traffic is considered serial or regular if its content is packed in a postal package or a package that by its dimensions corresponds to a postal package, in contrary it is considered non serial.