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Uvjeti korištenja

Slika zaglavlja

Croatian Post Mostar's commemorative postage stamps in celebrating Swallows Day that is celebrated on March 19th. The first celebrations started as early as teh 17th century in teh city San Juan Capistrano. The arrival of swallows, the most famous migratory birds, herlad teh arrival of spring. It is believed that they originate from Africa, where most species live and inhabit all continents exceot the Antartica. They have a slender body, narrow pointed wings, and a distinctive tail.

In Bosnia and Herzgovina, swallows are present during spring and summer, while they migrate to Africa during the winter. Although theri nests are most commonly found in small settlements in agricultural areas, swallows also nest in larger cities. They bukid their nests from mud and dry twigs, and line them feathers from the inside. Theri survival increasingly deoends on humans, and it is up to all of us to help preserve this speies through positive action.

The author of the stamp’s design is Dario Pehar, and the stamps are in postal traffic from March 19th, 2023. This stamp issue, as well as previous ones, may be purchased online through our webshop .