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Uvjeti korištenja


A gallery of all our postage stamps is being prepared, until then your stamp collection can be updated through our webshop ePostShop.

Croatian post Mostar’s postage stamps are guardians of spiritual, cultural, historical and natural wealth, not only of Croats in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but of Bosnia and Herzegovina as a whole. These small works of art travel throughout the world and carry out  messages, beauty and also are a source of knowledge and evidence of history.

Croatian post Mostar began working in 1993 as a part of the HPT company (Croatian post and telecommunications), but since January 1st 2003 has been active as an independent postal administration – Croatian post Ltd. Mostar.

The first postal stamp – Sacral monuments of HerzegBosnia – Međugorje, with the Holy Mother – Queen of Peace and Medjugorje sanctuary, had begun its voyage throughout the world on May 12th 1993. The author of the postal stamp, nominal value of 2000 Croatian dinars, is a professor from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb Ivica Šiško, and was printed in the Zrinski printing office in Čakovec. It was a regular issue and had the title Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina – Croatian community Herzeg-Bosnia. Following historical circumstances, the postal stamp will have the titles: BiH HPT Herzeg-Bosnia, BiH HPT Ltd. Mostar, up to current BiH Croatian Post Ltd. Mostar.

Everything that appears on postage stamps will remain as historical evidence. And in the future, Croatian post Mostar will continue to select interesting topics and in that way promote our country, therefore expecting that our stamps are recognized in the whole world.